Should I continue?

2011-01-09 15:47:55 by Slaytesics

I am quite sick of whenever I put a ton of effort into something someone zero bombs my work, and it goes from like 4.5 to 3.12, it fucking pisses me off. This makes me feel that I should put no effort into my work. So should i quit?


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2011-02-09 04:01:30

Yeah you should fucking continue. People are gonna be assholes no matter what, especially when they have the power of Internet Anonymity.

I guess you just have to ask yourself: Why are you writing music? Do you do it because you enjoy it, and you post it on the site to share with others?

Or do you post because you think one day you might get big, and these 0 bombers are just roadblocks on your path to stardom?

If it's the second one then let me just tell you that you're not going anywhere from Newgrounds. But if it's for the first reason then I would say to continue. Fuck the zero bombers, you will continue to get better at what you do regardless of the scores of your songs.

Slaytesics responds:

hell yeah! (first option)