top 10!!!!

2011-08-12 03:09:46 by Slaytesics

I HAVE 4 songs in the top 10 currently :D!!!

1 - The Storm (though that shouldn't really count, only 1 vote)
2 - Nocturne No.2
6 - Cherry Blossom Mazurka
8 - Transposed Night for Piano


2011-06-06 19:57:41 by Slaytesics

It's my birthday today :D


2011-02-25 01:55:21 by Slaytesics


Should I continue?

2011-01-09 15:47:55 by Slaytesics

I am quite sick of whenever I put a ton of effort into something someone zero bombs my work, and it goes from like 4.5 to 3.12, it fucking pisses me off. This makes me feel that I should put no effort into my work. So should i quit?

Okay, 31+compositions
I am looking back at my old work, and how over time I got worse at techno, and better at classical, and defined my style

My Favorite pieces of mine

2010-09-15 23:41:53 by Slaytesics

1) Neon Ruins

2) Atlantis Rises with A Vengeance

3) Sinking

4) Shockwave

5) Underwater Neon City

I can't believe that both of my songs are doing quite well in ratings, it is pretty amazing. Thank you whoever has voted on my music. You have helped me tremendously.

I am very happy, after nearly 3 weeks of waiting, I AM SO HAPPY!!!